If there's something you're curious about you can ask me. Uh... i'm a girl, i like kpop, but mostly girlbands. I love anime and japanese stuff a lot. And i don't know what else to write hahaha. Of course!!!!! i forgot oh my gosh, my playlist is here uh... there's shitty music from when i joined, sorry about that ㅠㅠ
about page ... tags that i use a lot... because a tags page is too boring: edits, music that i like, graphics, gifs, mostly nudes jk but nsfw, just kawaii/cute stuff, my anime list. Uuh i think that's all.


Sakura Season - 桜新町

Enjoy the Silence


enjoy the silence // depeche mode

painful to me
pierce right through me
can’t you understand?
oh, my little girl

Auf Achse


auf achse // franz ferdinand

you see her, you can’t touch her
you hear her, you can’t hold her
you want her, you can’t have her
you want to but she won’t let you


[gif]140819 Yoona - 써니의FM데이트(2)


[gif]140819 Yoona - 써니의FM데이트(3)


Sunny can’t get enough of yoona

taengsic fanart by tabbiebie.
Only Love Can Hurt Like This


only love can hurt like this || paloma faith

i tell myself i don’t care that much
but i feel like i’m dying till i feel your touch



d.a.n.c.e // justice

you were such a pyt
catching all the lights
just easy as abc
that’s how you make it right


Oh my god I’m so sorry for the length of this post, but this is a comic that I’ve been sketchin for the past week or so based on Hynden Walch’s commentary on pb and marcy’s relationship.